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Our Chapter

UF MEDLIFE  offers an array of opportunities for everyone. Whether you're on the pre-health track or not, if you're looking for a valuable way to spend your time and give back to the community this is it! 

We hold a variety of different events for members to engage in from service opportunities locally and abroad to bonding activities to help our members grow together as a club. Check out the different ways to get involved below or click the link to find out how to join! 




As an organization, one of our main priorities is serving our community. We partner with many different local organizations including Project Downtown, Days for Girls, Bread of the Mighty Food Bank, and more. We strive to find opportunities for our members to give back to the local Gainesville community through the hands of service.


Besides helping out our local Gainesville community, we also work closely with MEDLIFE headquarters to coordinate service-learning trips to places like Peru and Ecuador. Our chapter travels there along with other chapters to help MEDLIFE Headquarters. They set up mobile clinics for the local communities and offer patient follow-ups.   


We strive to also make an impact on areas outside of Gainesville. So, we coordinate service events in various locations. They range from weekend trips to Camp Boggy Creek and winter break trips to locations like New Orleans and Detroit. These events are geared towards increasing our outreach to other communities or organizations. 


Our philanthropy division is geared towards funding and spreading awareness of organizations that support the medical, educational, and developmental needs of underserved populations. We do this through fundraising efforts that build community among members and motivate them to work towards health equity locally and abroad.


We pride ourselves in calling each other the MEDLIFE family. We believe that being able to build a family-like atmosphere is important to the growth of our organization. It helps us grow as individuals but also allows us the chance to support one another. Our socials involve family game nights, pottery painting socials, pumpkin carving fun, and much more. 


We understand the importance of education, which is why we hold different workshops throughout the semester. These are learning opportunities about a variety of topics from mental health awareness to graduate school application workshops. We hope to help provide information and the chance to have an open discussion on important matters involving health and professional building.


We also participate in intramural games every semester based on what members choose. These a range of games from soccer, kickball, and volleyball games. You don't have to have any experience! We all have a lot of fun getting rid of some steam and getting a bit of exercise in. We also focus on team bonding activities to get to know other members. 


We have many fundraising events throughout the years in order to raise money for our organization. This includes fundraisers at different restaurants like Chipotle, Bentos, Blaze Pizza, and many more. Additionally, we also do bake sales, car washing events, and holiday grams.

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