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UF MEDLIFE is a chapter of the MEDLIFE organization, an international group that works with low-income communities in Latin America and Africa to improve access to medicine, education, and developmental projects.

The MEDLIFE acronym stands for "Medicine, Education and Development for Low-Income Families Everywhere".

Join the Movement

MEDLIFE was founded in 2004 by Nick Ellis. MEDLIFE envisions a world free from the constraints of poverty, and we believe that we can get there by ensuring low-income communities have the access to medicine, education, and safe housing that they need to thrive. We’re inviting students and volunteers to join us in making this vision a reality by participating in our initiatives and service projects locally and abroad.


Our Chapter

Our chapter at the University of Florida started in 2014. Since then, we’ve grown in numbers and in the breadth of work we do both locally and abroad. In collaboration with MEDLIFE HQ, we spend each spring break traveling to learn from and work with their partner communities. In Gainesville, we have partnerships with local organizations like Rural Women’s Health Project, GRACE Marketplace, Days for Girls, Mobile Outreach Clinic, Bread of the Mighty Food Bank, and more! In the process, we hope to build power in the community and create long-lasting connections between UF students and Gainesville community members.

Service Learning Trips

A Service Learning Trip is a week-long educational journey to Peru, Ecuador, Tanzania, or Nicaragua, where you’ll work hand in hand with local community members on development projects and mobile medical clinics. MEDLIFE works in these regions in particular because they are areas where the organization maintains full time staff to sustain follow-up programs and invests in building long-term relationships with community leaders. MEDLIFE’s mobile clinics are designed to provide free, high-quality care and are staffed by local practitioners who are familiar with the needs, languages, and culture of the communities they are working in.



Grow the MEDLIFE movement by starting a chapter, referring a MEDLIFEr, and donating to MEDLIFE. This campaign encourages students to spread MEDLIFE’s mission by referring prospective members interested in creating new chapters and fundraising. It’s all about getting others involved!


An evolving campaign run by MEDLIFE HQ aiming to provide continued COVID-19 relief to rural areas and vulnerable families. Their original Community Soup Kitchen initiative reached their goal of serving 1 million meals in June 2021. Now the campaign is focusing on bringing mobile clinics, patient follow-up services, and health education workshops to low-income communities through their Healthy Futures for All initiative. 

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