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An active member is someone who has paid their membership dues and met the semesterly point requirement.

What is an active member?

As an active member, you will be eligible to run for an officer position, have priority over scholarships, and vote in the end of year elections.

Why become an active member?

To pay membership dues you can Venmo $25 to UF MEDLIFE. These dues include a MEDLIFE t-shirt. 

How do I pay membership dues?

Do I have to pay membership dues to attend events?

No, you don’t have to pay membership dues to attend events. However, we encourage you to do so because your member points will not be updated until the membership fee is paid.

How do I know what events are happening?

We try to post all of our events on our different platforms to make sure you are up to date with everything that’s happening! You can check the calendar on the website, our FB page, or Instagram for any updates!

How do I check my points?

After creating an account, you can check your points by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the website. You will see a drop down menu which you can select “my points” from to see them.

Is there an application process?

There is no application process for UF MEDLIFE, you are able to join at any point in the school year!

How do I become a member?

Create an account on the UF MEDLIFE and check under the member checklist for the steps!

How do I join the listserv?

The listserv is a weekly email that's sent out with the different events every week. You can join it by clicking here.

How do I get more evolved?

You can join one of our committees to help out certain divisions (e.g. Public Relations or our Global Health Round Table committees). We also have directorship applications at the end of fall and spring that open up. Being a director is a great way to gain some leadership experience and further your passion for MEDLIFE.

Where are the service learning trips located?

We have service learning trips during spring break, the specific location varies depending on the school year. However, MEDLIFE has service learning trips in Peru, Ecuador, Tanzania, and Nicaragua. If you want to see some pictures from our different SLTs, click on the gallery section of the website!

What events are offered?

We host a variety of events for members to give back to local, regional, and international communities. We also value creating memorable experiences for members by connecting them to other students and opportunities to educate them about various topics. Our different divisions include service, socials, fundraisers, philanthropy, intramurals, workshops, regional, and international. For more information on the different divisions, check out the get involved section on the website!

Are there any scholarships for the Service Learning Trips?

  • MEDLIFE offers a scholarship for active members with financial need to receive a $400 voucher. For more information, attend one of our Service Learning Trip workshops. 

  • We also offer a $100 scholarship to the most active member that is attending the trip.

What makes MEDLIFE Service Learning Trips unique? 

  • MEDLIFE offers patient follow-up programs for those who require additional services. They have full-time employees who help and return care to those patients who need it. 

  • The local professionals (doctors, nurses, and dentists) have essential knowledge of the language, culture, and existing healthcare system of their country. This allows the patients to have a higher degree of care because they are familiar with the different aspects of their country that might influence the patients. 

  • MEDLIFE also has a community leader that works with local community members to ensure that they know why and when we will be present in their communities. Developing these relationships with the different communities helps create trust and collaboration from community members.